Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Monschau, Germany

I forgot to post about Monschau, our little excursion last Saturday as a whole group. I'll let this one be short and sweet. Because, well, that's kind of what Monschau was like. It is a picturesque village of German houses and shops in the valley of a mountain.

It is mainly a tourist town, specializing in food, drink, beautiful sights, and expensive candies and souvenirs. It was fascinating walking around in this little winter wonderland. We drove about 2 hours from Maastricht on a chartered bus, and arrived in time for lunch.

The lunch was fabulous-- typical German schnitzel with potatoes and three sauces to try on them. Many people in our group tried the traditional German beer with the meal. I'm not a fan of beer so I passed, but I will say the fruity Belgian beer in Maastricht is the only one I have ever liked! It's pretty girly. After a couple of hours of roaming the village in a light snowfall, and after trying homemade gingerbread and chocolates, we boarded the bus back to Maastricht.

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