Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Starting School in Maastricht

These pictures are in the town square in Maastricht.

The time has finally come for our traveling escapades to come to a close and for us to focus on school again (that is, Monday through Thursday). Let me back up a bit- After we came back from London, we walked around Maastricht and got a tour of the school and the places around it. Our walk to school is about 20-25 minutes. If I have kids, I can honestly say to them, "I walked twenty minutes to school- in the snow!!" It is truly a different experience here. No shorts, ever. No t-shirts, ever. It is always layers upon layers of clothing and sturdy boots. Always wet, always cold.
I had my first class yesterday, Intro to Psychology, which was great. A Baylor professor, Dr. Hodges, is over here with us and she has been so helpful and fantastic. I was supposed to have my first Maastricht class today, Modernism and Beyond, but our teacher is sick so we don't have class today. Hence, here I am blogging away. For this class though, we have 7 books to read! But I already read two of them in high school (Heart of Darkness and Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man) so it will be okay. Tomorrow (Wednesday) I have Psychology and Dutch Art History. I am also concentrating on my independent film study (Globalization of the Film Industry in Western Europe).
Yesterday, after coming back from school, I saw two Baylor guys playing frisbee in the snow. I just had to join them. Who ever gets the chance to play frisbee in the snow? Afterwards, it was my idea to build a snowman. I don't think I have built a snowman since I was in 2nd grade (when it snowed in Mobile). It was so much fun. Here we are with our snowman!

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