Wednesday, March 24, 2010


It is the end. THE END! the end? the end! of school! (I have been reading Samuel Beckett and it is not good- hence the writing style) I really did not like Waiting for Godot, but apparently it is a HIT, and revolutionary and absolutely wonderful. Only reason I would go see it is to see Ian McKellen play in it. ANYWAYS- yes. School is over. I just have to go into class tomorrow and present my paper on two books that I read this semester (Demian by Hermann Hesse and Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man by James Joyce). Then we have a goodbye party for all the Baylor students in the afternoon. THEN, people are taking off! Leaving for good until the end of April! As for me, I will not spread my wings from Maastricht until Sunday. My two extra days in Maastricht will be to finish my independent study paper (A HUGE undertaking) and then to pack and plan. I will post our month of travel schedule in the next post. But do you want to know where I am starting...??? DUBLIN, IRELAND!!!! More to come.

Okay so these pictures are from my literature class. We were reading Waiting for Godot, a very silly, black comedy, British humor, nonsensical play. The girl standing on the table is a tree. Her name is Amanda. At the beginning of the semester, she got into a debate with our German professor about the movie, Dead Poets Society. He thought the Robin Williams character was irresponsible but she loved him and the way he helped the students to rebel and such. So we always had this joke about how he would be a great teacher if he let her stand up on a desk. Well, as luck would have it, he let her stand on a table to be the tree for the setting of Waiting for Godot. It was great.

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