Sunday, March 28, 2010

Month of Travel Calendar!

Here it is—our month of travel calendar. (They call it a “month” but really it is more like 3 weeks…) The calendar was revised probably ten times over two weeks because we realized we just couldn’t do all that we wanted to do. But everyone is really excited about the finished product.

Week 1- Ireland, Scotland, and England

Sunday, March 28- Dublin, Ireland

Monday, March 29- Day Tour of Ireland Countryside & Dinner in Dublin at Jaipur, an awesome looking restaurant featured on the Food Network!

Tuesday, March 30- Walking Tour in Dublin & late flight to Edinburgh, Scotland

Wednesday, March 31- Day Tour of Scotland Countryside

Thursday, April 1- Walking Tour in Edinburgh

Friday, April 2- Train from Edinburgh to Oxford, England

Saturday, April 3- C.S. Lewis Tour in Oxford, then travel to London

Sunday, April 4- Easter church in London, travel back to Maastricht

(Switch cold clothes for warm clothes, re-pack, sleep)

Week 2- Island Time!

Monday, April 5- Fly to Athens, Greece

Tuesday, April 6- Sight see in Athens, late flight to Santorini

Wednesday, April 7- Santorini

Thursday, April 8- Santorini

Friday, April 9- Santorini

Saturday, April 10- Fly from Santorini to Naples, Italy, then a ferry to Capri, Italy

Sunday, April 11- Capri, Italy

Week 3- Italy and Switzerland

Monday, April 12- Day tour in Pompeii, spend the night in Rome

Tuesday, April 13- Rome

Wednesday, April 14- Rome

Thursday, April 15- Florence

Friday, April 16- Cinque Terre

Saturday, April 17- Cinque Terre

Sunday, April 18- Train day to Switzerland

Monday, April 19- Switzerland

Tuesday, April 20- Switzerland to Maastricht

On April 20, everyone will meet back in Maastricht. April 21 we will regroup and pack, and on April 22 we leave at 5 AM headed for the Amsterdam Airport.

April 22- Back to USA

Will we be successful in our travel goals? Nobody knows. We have booked some pretty cheap hostels and are planning on doing lots of free tours to make up for the flights we had to take for the sake of time. If you need to contact me, Joel has his phone (it is 251-656-8583). We will be checking internet as frequently as possible!


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